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Michal Zakay is an artist who lives and works in Tel Aviv and a physiotherapist by profession.

B.A Physiotherapy - Tel Aviv University  

M.A.  Medical Siences - Technion Haifa

Member of the "Plastic artists professional union of Israel

Member of  the "Israel women & gender art research association"

Recently focuses on oil and gouache painting as well as drawing with pencil and charcoal.

Studied at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as well as in private workshops with leading Artists - Rachel Shavit, Leo Rey, Revital Ben-Asher Peretz, Nadav Weismann, Merave Shin Ben-Alon,Gai Avital, Ran Tenenbaum.

Attends enrichment programs in culture and fine arts at Tel-Aviv University.

Solo-exhibition: 2015,  'The Lighthouse Gallery' in Jaffa, 2018, at "Tova Osman Art Gallery" Tel-Aviv, 2019  at 'Tel Aviv Artist House', 2021 - 'Six Floor', Tel-Aviv, 2022 , 'The Office Gallery', Tel Aviv, 2022, M.A.SH Remagen, Germany

Group exhibitions: 2015  'Hanger 2' , Jaffa and 'The Lake Gallery' , Raanana.  

2016 -'Interdisciplinary Center' , Makabim - Modiin.

2018 - Herzliya Performing Arts Centre

2020 - 'By5 gallery', Tel- Aviv university library.

2021 - 'Ben Ami Gallery', Tel Aviv

2022 -'Ronit ND Artspace', Tel Aviv,

2022 Loft 8 Gallery, Vienne, Austria

2022 - 'Ben Ami Gallery', Tel Aviv 

2023 - 'Moshe Castel Museum', Maale Edomim

2023 - 'New Artist House Rishon LeZion'


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Artist Statement

I live and work in Tel Aviv.

I paint in diverse artistic mediums, and construct my paintings as collages. This artistic approach enables me to express my experience of world as a space that it teeming with stimulations and events. The multiplicity of images in my paintings manifest my desire to organize the wealth of impressions but also to flow with it. I see the world as a thicket that one needs to find her way through it. I bring the thicket to the painting surface through various themes. Breaching boundary-lines between the image and the background allow me to create the thicket and come out of it.

The work process is like a puzzle – looking at forms and/or colors and matching them together. In this way, I step out of the narrative of the work and focus on the basic elements of painting, form, color, line. This creates areas of abstract painting alongside figurative images.



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